K-12 Programs

Room to Spare is committed to bringing their music into schools and the community.  In addition to performances, they are pleased to offer the following educational programs to students. 


Chamber Music & Jazz Ensemble Coachings, Workshops, and Masterclasses 

Julia Connor and David Leach bring their expertise from playing in Room to Spare as well as their experience playing in various chamber and jazz ensemble settings to students across the musical spectrum.  They are available for private coachings for classical and jazz ensembles as well as public workshops and masterclasses. 


Composition Workshop 

This workshop can be tailored to fit the age and experience of any group. With younger students we explore the idea of telling stories through music; with older students, we touch on elements of music theory, techniques for developing initial ideas, or preparing performance-ready final drafts.  


Improvisation Workshop 

This workshop is designed for student instrumentalists and can be tailored to each group based on age, level of playing, and experience with improvisation. In this workshop, Room to Spare will work with students on various elements of improvisation; from the basics of creating compelling, coherent musical statements to developing a robust improvising vocabulary. For more advanced classical players who have never tried improvising before, David and Julia work on demystifying improvisation; for students already working in a jazz idiom, David provides in-depth, style-specific workshops.